Sunday, August 2, 2015

Zaq Paradise Litemist Diffuser Review

This is hands down the most beautiful and most amazing diffuser I have owned. It truly lights up the room! Some diffusers I have used have what seems like a million parts that twist apart, are complex and dont work well, this one isnt like that! It is large, beautiful, and efficient! The glass piece on the outside sits over the mechanical part, that comes apart in two simple pieces, the reservoir easily fills up, and the top under the top sits back on place. The glass part then sits back on top of it and then in order to turn it on all it takes is a simple push down on a spot that on the plastic under part has an arrow. It is very simple to use, and extremely elegant.

The lights slowly change color, and are meditative and relaxing, its practically an art piece. Zaq makes some of the finest diffusers I have tried, and being able to gently diffuse essential oils throughout my home is calming and healing.

I am really a convert to them, and keep this one in the living room, as I do like the dark when I sleep, and it would be too bright for the bedroom.
I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review.

You can get it here: Zaq Paradise Litemist Diffuser

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