Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kiss me organics review!

So, this is a bit crazy, in the past few weeks I started to review a bunch of products, it started out slow, a friend told me to try out reviewing some things here or there, and then it just sort of took off. Sometimes I get to try things for free, sometimes its low cost, either way, its amazing.

So then, this amazing Matcha Tea from Kiss Me Organics shows up on my door! :p is the site! Its pretty cool! I have tried matcha before, but only ever at a tea store but never at my own at home. I love to cook though so I was super excited! I haven't tried to cook with it yet but I wanted to go ahead and post quickly about this. It's pretty cool stuff!

Thats the picture of the product from their website! Sorry I didn't take my own, but it's really really late and I am really tired! They claim it boosts focus and metabolism, and I can't speak to that yet, as I haven't been using it for long enough, but I drink green tea regularly and will happily update! (remind me!) I would love to keep everyone updated on this! The flavor is grassy and delicious! Like a strong green tea! I look forward to baking with it too!

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